Plot Scenario Generator

Have a character but need a plot? Check out this plot scenario generator!



One Word


This website gives you one word and sixty seconds to write about that word. This is a great exercise for breaking writer’s block. It keeps you on your toes and gives you a challenge. If you’re like me, you never back down from a writing challenge, so give this a try!


4 of my favorite Tumblrs becaue I was too lazy to do 5

30 Day Challenge – Day 15: Your Favorite Tumblrs


Guide to Writing a Villain


The Writing Cafe is a great source for writing tips, inspiration, and information that you can use in your writing. As someone who is still someone what of a novice in the writing world, The Writing Cafe is a very valuable tool for me!

Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954

Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954


The Nifty Fifties is an awesome tumblr to follow if you’re a nostalgic like me and love seeing fashion, advertisements, and celebrities from the 1950s.


Otis the Corgi looking Regal & Patriotic


Oh, how I love the Frogman! I love his funny posts but more than that I love, love love, his adorable Corgi!! I often peruse The Frogman when my spirits are low and I need a good laugh. Or when I just need to see a cute puppy face because our rescue mutt is being a little doggy asshole.

“Ay yo, bitch! Dis yo horse?”


Rappers Doing Normal Shit is a fun day for me because I like to be reminded that rich and famous gangsters are still normal people deep down inside. And I like seeing the unexpected, like DMX on a horse. It’s not that I don’t think DMX can ride a horse, it’s just that I can’t help but think of DMX in Clint Eastwood cowboy movies when I see him on a horse. Could you imagine watching those westerns with DMX riding up & speaking in his famous voice & saying “Ay yo bitch! I got yo horse!” Maybe I’m alone on this one. Either way, I love rappers doing normal shit.