Imagine the Unlikely – Tip for writing when you get stuck

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So what happens when you hit that proverbial wall, you know the one where you are so out of ideas you sit in idle gear amazed at the ineffectiveness of your own imagination.  How do you work yourself out of that one?

Here’s a trick for you to try when you find yourself in this situation – start listing the most unlikely scenarios for your characters.

You know, like your character crosses the street and gets hit by a truck carrying poultry to a market (had to work in chickens somehow.)

Or looks down at her feet and find a flash drive dropped by an ex-Russian spy. (Hey who cares that your novel is based in the Victorian era?)

This is a case where something is better than nothing.

My point is that sometimes if you imagine something that is so outlandish and completely unlikely to happen, your mind…

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