Let’s talk about sex, baby….let’s talk about you AND me….let’s talk about sexxx


Using this again!! One of my favorite books!

I am using this book once again to help develop one of my characters in a story that I am currently toying with. I say “toying with” because I write a few words and then close it, write a few more words and thenĀ  close it, write a few more words and then just leave the window open and stare at it. I’m almost 75% sure I hate this story as of right now. I’m 100% sure it is because I haven’t gotten my characters correct, yet. That being said, I’m using Chapter Six of this book and I thought I’d share a few interesting things from this chapter with you guys.

Chapter Six is about Sexual Issues. Sounds like fun, riiiiight?

It has been suggested that external sexiness becomes important when people realize that since there is no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors, then there is no way of knowing whether they measure up or better or worse than another person sexually. Focusing on external sexiness becomes a substitute for this comparison. Although everyone has different views on what is or isn’t “normal” sexually (for example: I have a friend of a friend whose ex-husband enjoyed peeing on her. If you pee on me, you will lose your life. Quickly.) behaviors that become an issue in your normal day-to-day activities or cause harm to others are considered sexual issues.

  • Interesting Side Note: most women have a bisexual patter of attraction when it comes to watching porn. This could possibly mean that sexual arousal may not play as big of a role in women’s sexual orientation as it does in men.

Sexual Addiction or Compulsion

  • more often male than female
  • unable to adequately control sexual behaviors
  • is overwhelmingly preoccupied with the need for sex and fulfilling that need
  • can be a symptom of bipolar disorder
  • cannot control behavior despite consquences
  • has frequent sexual encounters
  • is a compulsive masturbater
  • may seek out new partners out of boredom with current partner
  • is self-destructive
  • lacks control in other areas of his/her life
  • finds being emotionally intimate very difficult
  • may have had a troubled childhood
  • can engage in sex without physiological arousal

Sexual Aversion

Sex Aversion

Eww, gross. You’ll give me the cooties!

  • persistently avoids genital contact
  • vulnerable to sexual aversion after a trauma
  • can be caused by pressure from current partner, repressive parents, or sexual abuse
  • can become ill at the thought of sexual encounter
  • has body image issues
  • may have the desire for sex but is repelled by the actual act of sex
  • Avoids sex in order to deal with sexual anxiety



Please don’t ever search for images of bestiality. It’s terrible……

  • performs sexual acts with an animal
  • often prefer dogs, sows, mares, heifers, or apes because of their size
  • likes sex with people as well but uses bestiality as a diversion because of sexual anxiety
  • can occur because of shame of penis size
  • may prefer one sex over the other
  • may also believe that one can gain supernatural powers or cure diseases through sexual acts with an animal

Eligibility-Based Paraphilia

  • includes any repetitious, addictive, and compulsive arousal by forbidden partners
  • can be based on hair color, religion, ethnic group, physical appearance or deformity
  • results from early developmental disturbances
  • is not voluntary
  • cannot be controlled by willpower
  • fed by persecution
  • may have fantasies several times a day
  • does not usually go away
  • can be attracted to things as unusual as tattoos, piercings, amputees, or even necrophilia


diaper fetish

Diaper Fetish

  • is sexually aroused by urges and fantasies of using nonliving objects
  • excited by nonliving objects that a person sees as “sinful”
  • has a compulsive, involuntary attraction to an object
  • usually an introverted male
  • usually prefers items that symbolize females



Got this gem from the people over at cheezburger.com

  • sexually aroused by the urges and fantasies of rubbing against a stranger’s body
  • is usually a young adult
  • only wants to touch the other person
  • fantasizes that the rubbing is in context of a relationship with the other person


guilty face

That’s not a very good guilty face, Meg Ryan!

  • suffers from unusual, overwhelming guilt
  • believes that sex is bad
  • influenced by parents’ attitudes towards sex
  • has trouble becoming an independent adult
  • sees people who are nonsexual as good and people who are sexual as bad
  • usually introverted
  • influenced by society’s values
  • has trouble maintaining a normal adult relationship


One Word


This website gives you one word and sixty seconds to write about that word. This is a great exercise for breaking writer’s block. It keeps you on your toes and gives you a challenge. If you’re like me, you never back down from a writing challenge, so give this a try!